3 Tips for Best Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue Tips

Venues are one of the biggest factors affecting the whole wedding.  So much hangs on what type of wedding venue you choose, it’s size, availability and more.

Professional Caterers: most would agree that choosing the venue should be on top of the couples priority list because the venue determines many of the other factors.

Here’s a just a few things that depend or are affected by your venue:

  1. Date you can have your wedding
  2. Number of guests you can fit comfortably
  3. Decor, Theme, Look n Feel
  4. Entertainment (DJ’s, MC, Live Band, Cigar Rollers, etc)
  5. Photographer
  6. Videographer
  7. Food preparation boundaries (kitchen freedoms & limitations)
  8. Weather considerations (outdoor or indoor) – option to pivot?
  9. and more…

Most common wedding venues include hotels, restaurants and event spaces – each having their advantages and disadvantages:

Wedding Venue Tip 1

Consider favorite restaurants for your wedding venue

...if you want an amazing chef and killer menus selections.

Choosing a restaurant as your wedding venue means they might have an experienced chef that you love.  Often times restaurants have very high-level chefs that people aren’t aware of.

If you want the best menu selection, consider choosing a restaurant!

We recommend as soon as you say I do, start getting to know some restaurant chefs that you would consider as your wedding chef.  

Even if you do not choose the restaurant as your venue, often times you can still get the chef to work in another venue if her restaurant clearly can’t comfortably accommodate your party.

With restaurants, it’s all about the chef.  Pick the right wedding chef, and she’ll know exactly (and intuitively) how to prepare the best wedding menus and culinary creations for you and your guests.

Wedding Venue Common Trap : be careful when choosing a restaurant for your wedding menu if you plan on having a large wedding.  

Make sure the venue can accommodate your full wedding party comfortably, or have a larger venue in mind that has kitchen equipment suitable for your event chef.

Wedding Venue Tip 2

Meet the chef and get a custom menu.

Without meeting the chef, you have no idea which ingredients are sourced and which are hand-made.  What if it’s important for your family to have locally sourced or organically sourced ingredients for your big event.

When you meet the chef, you can find out how she sources her ingredients and what menu creations inspire them.

Most of the time, once you’ve met the chef, you can work with them for a totally customized menu.  There’s nothing more fun than collaborating with a highly skilled chef to figure out your custom menu.

Many people are intimidated with custom menu’s because there’s too much choice and they don’t want to mess it up, but even when there’s not that much flexibility on custom menu’s, you an still have the chef tailor it for you and your crowd.

Wedding Venue Tip 3

Choose your own wedding vendor.

Wedding Venues have vendors they commonly work with and your event planner might suggest going with one of the venue’s vendors (sometimes there is only one choice).

One stop shop turn-key wedding venue solutions with built in vendors ready to go can sound like a comfortable option, but staying in the comfort zone is not always the best thing when choosing a venue.

We recommend picking an amazing caterer &/or chef (often the same) to be your vendor, and then go looking for the venue.  This way you know your getting the menu and food quality you expect and now all you have to do is find a venue that has the ambiance, the size, and the logistics for your special event.

When looking inspiring ideas, we look for the best wedding venues in Los Angeles and see modern and smart wedding venue choices the Hollywood crowd is opting for.

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