How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

The world of weddings cakes is beautiful and exciting…but at the same time, choosing the perfect cake can be a challenge and overwhelming! As owners of Juliana’s Bakery and Cakery in Colorado, my sister and I try to make the process simple and easy for our clients. I hope I can do the same for you with this article. And if I can’t solve all your problems hopefully I can at least give you a few tips to make your planning process a little easier.

First of all, choosing your wedding cake and baker should be fun, not stressful. Learn how to have fun with it! A cake tasting is supposed to be an event…share the moment with your loved ones if possible and don’t plan on making all the decisions during the first meeting. Take that time to taste the flavors served, and focus on making sure the baker is the best match for you. The design and little details can be discussed later.

Juliana & Daniela

Juliana & Daniela

Trust. The relationship between baker and client is completely based on trust. You expect that your vision will come to life, and you have to trust your baker to make that happen. That is why it is so important that you choose the baker you feel most comfortable with. If you choose the right professional, they’ll know how to make your cake amazing, without the stress that too often accompanies the planning process and wedding day.

Remember that trust goes both ways. Whenever we feel that a client is not putting enough trust in the relationship we are not afraid to tell them to look for someone else.

dessert bar wedding

How can you know if you can trust your baker? Ask questions! This is very important! Make sure your baker is willing to communicate and explain how things work. Even if you have questions about what techniques will be used in your cake, or any other questions you might have. You can evaluate a baker by the customer service provided! The final product will definitely reflect the quality of the customer service.

At the same time, you have to understand that you are not the baker’s only client. As much as you want a great deal of attention, give time when waiting for a response. And remember that bakers get extremely busy during the weekends!

wedding cake decision

Decisions, decisions, decisions. If you are the type of person that just cannot make up your mind, why not have 3 different cakes? Having a set of 3 separate cakes is beautiful! It will make your display fun, voluminous, and you will not have to choose one single design. It is possible to incorporate 3 totally different designs in one cohesive display. Keeping the same hues of colors will help. If you have a modern style and want vibrant colors make sure all 3 cakes will have a vibrant element. If you are using pastel colors, make sure all 3 cakes will match the light tones. If it is a rustic wedding, use cake stands that compliment the rustic vibe of the display.

cake money

There are many ways to save money on your wedding, but be prepared to spend full value for your Wedding Cake – it’s worth it. Quality cakes are not cheap! Some shops price their cakes by the slice and others based on design. That doesn’t really mean anything…what you have to understand is that the price reflects the quality of the product. Just like with anything else in life!

Creating a wedding cake is extremely time consuming and requires high levels of experience and expertise. People train to craft beautiful things and we spend long hours improving our techniques. This is all part of the cost of a cake.

Cost Saving Tip: If you have a large amount of guests you can ask for a sheet cake to complement the display cake. The sheet cake is a simple square cake (not decorated) that will go straight to the kitchen. Your guests won’t see it and won’t know that they are eating a cake that is not the display one.

Include the cake in your priority list! We see many couples that leave the cake as the last item on their list and they come to us with a limited budget. It’s best to recognize the Wedding Cake for what is is – a sweet symbol of celebration, beloved union, and joy. There is only so much we can do to help if the budget can not cover the costs. If you want a quality product you have to allocate the right amount of money into it.

Be aware of fees. Most bakeries will charge you a delivery fee, some will charge setup and cake stand rental. Ask the questions up front. You’ll know when you have good rapport with your baker when the communication is clear and easy.

Buttercream Cake

Juliana’s Buttercream Cake

Buttercream vs Fondant. The word has spread that fondant does not taste good and a lot of people are scared because of the rumors. A lot more can be achieved with fondant, so if you are curious or interested, ask you baker if you can try their fondant. There are some varieties that actually taste very good. Buttercream is very popular because it tastes delicious, and has a more rustic and natural look. The tricky thing about buttercream is that it melts easily, so make sure to talk to your baker about logistics.

Waste. It’s never fun to waste cake, and we definitely don’t want our couples to have to waste their special cake. Being conservative with number of slices and size of cake/sheet cake is a great solution. You should always talk to your baker about this…this way, you won’t have to throw cake away – especially your wedding cake!

Flavors. We suggest having 2 different flavors. Usually a heavier flavor like chocolate, hazelnut, or carrot, and one that is lighter like vanilla, lemon, and raspberry. That will give guests an option. More than 2 flavors might make guests and servers confused! Look for seasonal flavors. They are unique and will get people’s attention.

cupcake wedding cake

Cupcakes are not a new trend any longer, but Cupcake Bars are! We love doing them and you can be as creative as possible when designing your display! This new tendency involves having cupcakes displayed in a variety of stands along with beautiful décor. Forget about cupcake towers and use your imagination to create a unique and exquisite display!

cup cake bar

Since we are getting close to the end we should now talk about the focus of our business: Dessert Bars. We always say that because desserts are the last piece of every event…they should be memorable! Having a dessert bar with different types of bite size sweets will make your party special and unique. Your guests will be able to interact with the desserts and choose between an assortment of sweets…it is super fun! Be different and think about a dessert bar when planning your event or wedding! We provide all the assistance necessary, including the stands so you can create an unforgettable and original Dessert Bar.  Feel free to take a peek at our website for more information.

Wedding Cake Bar

Lastly we would like to say that we are thankful to experience this amazing industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with all the creative aspects of these beautiful events, and the fun an interesting people we meet and collaborate with. If you have any questions or would like some additional advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us…it will be a pleasure to hear from you!

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