Weekend Wine Tip: Greek White Wines

Dionysus Reborn

Greece has been in the news lately, but not for the right reason. The news that should be known is: Greek white wines have never been better.

The varied landscape that is Greece is the home of European wine-making. Many viticultural techniques originated there, were carried west all through Europe, and are still in use today.

Now its vine growers and winemakers are showing just what can be achieved by harmonizing ancient roots with modern production methods. Grape varieties, over 3,000 years old, grown nowhere else, are now fermented cleanly in cool stainless steel tanks and smooth concrete vats.

The results are astounding. White wines that not only are crisp and refreshing: they may be the most sublimely scented and complex fruity gifts of the grape that Dionysus ever bestowed on mortals.

These unique white wines come from the Peloponnese, from Crete, even tiny Santorini, from obscure ancient varieties such as Moschofilero, Vidiano, and Roditis.

Cool them down, sip them slowly, and beat the heat in style this summer. They pair naturally with a tomato and haloumi salad, with fresh mint leaves dressed with lemon-olive oil, and with dolmas, Kalamata olives, and pita bread.

Salute! RG

Rich Gubitosa

Wine Expert Rich Gubitosa

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