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Andrea Carusetta is an artist who was painting in oils and baking cakes at the age of nine. After extensive training, she created commissioned paintings and did commercial art for a number of years. Wedding cakes ended up becoming her ultimate medium. Sedona Cake Couture is a specialty cake and dessert boutique located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. They specialize in one of a kind custom wedding cakes and cakes for all special occasions.

Urn Cake As an artist how did you move from creating paintings to making cakes the focus of your artistry and expertise?

Andrea: It was a match made in heaven…..I loved to bake and here was this beautiful new medium for my art. It was exhilaration from the start – particularly since this was a 3d medium, not like painting. And to reproduce nature…beautiful roses, peonies and flowers was sheer joy!!

3 cakes What key lessons did you learn or insights did you gain while being trained by renowned Award-Winning French pastry Chef, Andre Renard?

Andrea: Andre taught me many old French pastry techniques that are rarely used today which resulted in fabulous cakes and fillings for the wedding cakes. I learned advanced sugar skills from Andre which contribute to many of my designs. Andre taught me the importance of purity of ingredients and attention to detail. Invaluable lessons!

succulents display What’s the most challenging request that you’ve ever received for a cake and were you able to fulfill it?

Andrea: David Tutera called us asking us to make a birthday cake that looked like a circus marrygo-round for a party he was doing in Scottsdale, Arizona. The horses were carved from white chocolate. All the decorations on the cake were edible. So yes! we did it!!

carousel cake Why do you think that a beautiful cake is worth the splurge? Is it possible to get a stunning wedding cake on a meager budget or should a couple skimp on something else?

Andrea: A beautiful cake is a centerpiece and focal point of a wedding or event. It lives forever in photos.One of our favorite quotes: “A party without a cake is just a meeting”! We work with all budgets. We create stunning buttercream wedding cakes decorated with fresh herbs and flowers that are very affordable.

table cake display What advice would you give to a non-traditional bride who is looking for something unexpected or out of the ordinary to surprise her guests?

Andrea: How about a table with several different cakes in different shapes and sizes? Once cut, they become a dessert buffet.

Andrea Carusetta

Andrea-Carusetta Are there any trends in your industry that you’re excited about or looking forward to experimenting with?

Andrea: Yes! Sugar lace mats that create realistic lace that is edible. Up till now lace was a hand piped design or heavy embossed appliques. Now there are silicone lace mats in many designs that create light beautiful lacework on a cake in no time at all.

lace cake

Yummy Edible Sugar Lace You’ve appeared on numerous television shows and were a two time medalist on Food Network Challenge and Grand Champion on TLC Channel’s Ultimate Cake Off. Can you share some highlights or favorite memories from these experiences?

Andrea: Winning! What a feeling. It was 2am when the judges on TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off announced that we had won. It came as a surprise and we were ecstatic!

Another favorite memory was meeting Kerry Vincent on Food Network Challenge. She comes across as so mean on that show yet she was one of the nicest, most helpful people in the industry that I have ever met!

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About Andrea Carusetta

Andrea Carusetta, Artist and Owner of Sedona Cake Couture - a specialty cake and dessert boutique located in breath-taking Sedona, Arizona. Sedona Cake Couture specializes in one of a kind custom wedding cakes and cakes for all special occasions. Andrea was painting oils on canvas and baking cakes in the oven at the age of nine. After years of focused dedication and hard work, she created commissioned paintings and created commercial art for many years. With her passion and love for baking, Wedding cakes became her ultimate medium.