Sweet Confections Cakes Puts the Smile on Your Face :-)

The Sweet Confections Cakes team prides themselves in having the freshest, most delightful cakes and enticing dessert tables in all of South Central Pennsylvania.

Owner, Darmayne Robertson, believes the Cake should be the focal point of every celebration! At Sweet Confections the concept of ‘edible art’ is all inclusive. The artistry is not only in the look, but in the taste as well. From a stunning traditional wedding cake to a sculptured cake masterpiece, they create exclusive, amazingly delicious cakes using only the finest ingredients available.

They’ll stop at nothing to make sure that your cake is beautiful, memorable and of course, the most delicious cake you’ll eat.

We had a chance to catch up with Darmayne for a very fun and insightful interview.

Cater.com: What are your top tips for getting the most out of a cake consultation? Are you able to color match icing to fit in with specific themes and decorations?

Darmayne: When scheduling a wedding consultation please be sure to bring your color swatches if you want to use any color on your wedding cake as most colors can be replicated in either icing or fondant. Don’t forget to bring pictures of your wedding gown or pictures of the ball room in which your event is being held if you want to include ANY details from the room or your wedding gown as inspiration for your wedding cake. If you have a particular cake in mind, bring that picture as well but please remember, many cake decorators are artists and would love to create a cake specifically designed by them for you, not just copy another artists design.

cake with lights

Cater.com: What’s your favorite type of cake challenge to encounter? What’s most challenging request that you’ve ever received?

Darmayne: Because we specialize in 3d cakes, some of our most challenging cakes to create are cakes in which there are moving parts, sound and/ or lights. Several years ago we replicated a grooms Harley Davidson motorcycle.   The bride to be wanted an edible 3D Grooms Cake with working headlights and a revving engine when guests approached the motorcycle. This took us a lot of research as the parts required to create the sound effects was not available locally, but we were determined to create an edible masterpiece that no one would forget!

Cater.com: Can you tell our readers what inspired your decision to launch a Value Line for wedding cakes?

Darmayne: We created our Value Line Cakes to try to make it more affordable for brides/grooms getting married but didn’t have the money to splurge OR are looking to save money on a custom designer wedding cake but willing to do a little of the work themselves such as placing flowers, ribbon, etc.

Gucci Shoe Cake

Cater.com: You’ve won a variety awards and received a great deal of recognition for your cake artistry. What accolade has felt the most meaningful to you?

Darmayne: For us, because we live in such a small community, winning awards such as the WeddingWire is great; however it’s a small local award such as Harrisburg Magazine Readers Choice, which has meant the most for our business. It is an award that is recognized by our local community as a prestigious award honoring the best local businesses winning that award has created the local recognition that has set our business apart from many of the local bakeries and has brought us many new local clients.

Cater.com: What are some wedding trends that you’re excited about or looking forward to experimenting with?

Darmayne: Edible lace and edible sequins! I love the look of cake lace that truly looks like lace and the edible sequins in gold as well as silver.

fancy cake display

Cater.com: What advice would you give to a bride who is looking for something non-traditional and out of the ordinary?

Darmayne: The best advice I can give brides that want a non-traditional wedding cake is to remember anything custom or non-traditional requires advanced skills, not every cake decorator out there is capable of creating an edible masterpiece. Be sure to review their work ahead of time, to get an idea of what they have created in past, plan early, get a quote and don’t just go with the cheapest decorator. Create a realistic budget based on at least three quotes from “like” sources. Make certain the bakery you are considering has created something very similar in complexity for another client. Remember cheaper is NOT always better. If the quote for identical cakes is too far off, there is sure to be disappointment.

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About Darmayne Robertson

Can you picture a cake with lights, sounds and moving parts! Darmayne Robertson is the Co-Owner, President and Head Cake Artist at Sweet Confections Cakes, where cake, (and the ARTistic creation of cake) is believed to be the focal point of every celebration. That just makes sense. Darmayne and Sweet Confections are known for their incredibly unique cake creations and inspirations. Imagine a cake that looks just like your dog. They can do that. Sweet Confections Cakes and Darmayne are fully featured on Cater.com for more insights as to how your life can be a little sweeter with Sweet Confections.