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  • Tres L.A. Catering
    Alan Dunn
    Sandy Korem

    One look and it's clear Alan Dunn is all about elegance and warmth. Fifteen year veteran of the special events and food & beverage industry,  Alan Dunn is the founder…

      Specializes In: The Chef Experience
    • (323) 466-1835
    • Los Angeles, CA
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  • Heirloom LA
    Matt Poley & Tara Maxey
    Sandy Korem

    Matt Poley & Tara Maxey, Owners of Heirloom LA Catering Company have invented lasagna cupcakes. That by itself should get them nominated for the catering hall of fame, and there's…

      Specializes In: Catering, Fine Casual, Restaurant
    • (855) 456-6652
    • Los Angeles, CA
  • Two Peas Catering
    Chef Paola Petrella
    President Owner
    Sandy Korem

    We're going to cut to the chase here.  Chef Paola Petrella, president and owner of Two Peas Inc., her energy lights up a city like a lightswitch. Chef Paola Petrella…

      Specializes In: Catering
    • (818) 994-2834
    • North Hollywood, CA
  • Contemporary Catering
    Nathaniel Neubauer
    Executive Chef | Proprietor
    Sandy Korem

    Imagine his mother's reaction when she awoke to 3-year-old Nathaniel making scrambled eggs in his diapers.  Proprietor and Executive Chef at Contemporary Catering, Nathaniel still loves what he does so…

      Specializes In: Catering
    • (310) 558-8190
    • Encino, CA
  • Artful Foods Catering
    Chef Jason Ivener
    Chef | Owner
    Sandy Korem

    Chef Jason Ivener, chef and owner of Artful Foods Catering takes great pride is his ability to customize menus and tailor events in a way that resonates very well individual tastes.…

      Specializes In: Catering, Event Planning
    • (310) 512-6077
    • Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Jennie Cook's Catering
    Jennie Cook
    Sandy Korem

    Jennie Cook makes great parties because it's in her genes. In her cookbook, "Who Wants Seconds?" you can learn some of the wisdom Jennie gained after decades in the hospitality…

      Specializes In: Catering
    • (323) 982-0052
    • Los Angeles, CA
  • Anyone for Tea Catering
    Jane Windsor
    Chef | Actress
    Sandy Korem

    You've seen her on NBC's Days of Our Lives.  Did you know Jane Windsor, the classically trained actress is a terribly proper English gal with a canny knack for serving…

      Specializes In: Catering, Rentals
    • (310) 924-1341
    • Los Angeles, CA
  • Sharone Hakman Catering
    Sharone Hakman
    Chef | CEO
    Sandy Korem

    Chef Sharone Hakman is a true showman and his adventurous culinary appetite is his catalyst for creating delightful food that matches his lively personality.  You're sure to be entertained with…

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    • Los Angeles
  • Beverly Hills Premier Catering
    Lisa Lafferty
    CEO | Owner
    Sandy Korem

    Lisa Lafferty, CEO and owner of Beverly Hills Premier Catering, specializes in full-service, luxurious, modern and ethnic catering and custom deserts.  As a workaholic, Lisa is perpetuating perfection by constantly…

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    • (805) 509-4518
    • Beverly Hills, CA
  • Above All Catering
    Gary Rodgers
    Sandy Korem

    For more than 30 years, Above All Catering President, Gary Rodgers, has been deeply involved in the food, beverage & hospitality industry. By the age of 16, Gary had already…

      Specializes In:
    • (714) 220-1289
    • Anaheim, CA