The Muddled Lemon Drink Recipe

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There’s nothing better to breakthrough a hot and humid summer’s day than a kick of citrus. Here at the Liquid Catering office, we were searching for a way to take citrus to the next level. Naturally, we turned to some of our summer favorites—rum, lemonade and blueberries. With the final hint of mint, this drink is sure to cool you off and we can bet that all that will be left is the lemon peel!

Muddled Lemon Drink Recipe

The Muddled Lemon

•    2 lemon slices
•    Small handful of blueberries
•    1 ounce peach nectar
•    2 dashes bitters
•    1.5 ounces Rum
•    Tonic water
•    Lemonade
•    .5 ounce mint syrup

•    Muddle 1 lemon slice, blueberries, peach nectar and bitters in a shaker.
•    Add the rum and two splashes of tonic water.
•    Shake the ingredients and pour into a highball glass.
•    Fill the glass with lemonade and add mint to taste. We recommend .25 to .5 ounces of mint syrup.
•    Garnish with a fresh lemon wedge.

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