Chris Morrill

Chris Morrill

Chef Morrill and his partner Chef Reyes, Owners of Around the World Catering Service are two innovative, young, entrepreneurial chefs who quickly became El Paso’s leading catering company with Around the World Catering.  Don’t let two 20-something chefs fool you, they have over twelve years of combined culinary experience and know how to provide a top-of-the-line dining experience with elegance in service and staffing.

They bring you delightful delicacies and top-notch customer service at inexpensive rates.

Having a knack for “fresh” ideas, you can expect the ultimate in banqueting experiences at very affordable prices.  Everything is homemade from scratch, including their drinks.

Their international menus are very popular and can satisfy the most worldly palates.  They cater to you no matter your needs or tastes, including large complex parties all they way down to a dinner for two.  These guys deliver – literally.

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